IF you get to Galway on a Saturday

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – H. Jackson Brown

I think a lot of people move away from home because they are sick of where they live and need to leave. I didn’t leave Galway because I don’t like Galway – I love it and I always will. And after spending 6 weeks at home in Galway this summer, I fell back in love with my hometown. Not that I ever really fell out of love with it, but after being there for three years straight studying all week and working every weekend, I had grown tired of it and stopped appreciating it and all of it’s beauty. However, after a year away and being back for a short and sweet 6 weeks – I remembered why my town is just the best. And, after working in a coffee shop every single weekend for two years, this summer, I got to rediscover the beauty of wandering around Galway on a Saturday.

So, I decided I’d share the perfect way to spend a Saturday in Galway city – in case you were looking for inspiration. None of this information is going to be overwhelmingly unusual or groundbreaking to anyone that is from Galway – but for those of you who aren’t, get to Galway and hang out on a Saturday… it’s just divine.

My favourite things to do on a Saturday, in order of the order that I’d do them, are…

Walk the Prom by Galway Bay

My favourite way to walk the prom is to park at Blackrock, walk to the Causeway and turn around then walk past Blackrock all the way to the end of the golf club/the campsite aand head back to the car. Don’t forget to kick the wall on your way – it’s one of the most satisfying feelings about being home – getting a good wall-kick in!



Go for Brunch in Dela

Dela brunches are without a doubt one of the best in the city. In saying that, there certainly are other options like Il Vicolo or The Corrib Tea Rooms, but I just love Dela. The decor is divine, the staff are perfectly pleasant and the food is exactly what a Saturday morning orders.


Stroll around the Market

Galway market is one of my favourite things about the city. The vibes are contagious and you can’t help but feel happy while walking up and down and looking at all of the local art & craft, the delicious produce available and smelling the intense smells of the street food stalls. If Dela is full (which they can be – they’re hugely popular with locals and don’t take reservations on the weekend) then I’d recommend grabbing a savoury crepe from the market for brunch and pairing it with The Doughnut Guy’s doughnuts for dessert. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Visit St. Nicholas’ church

St. Nicholas’ church won’t take you long to see and it’s so pretty – you can’t skip it when you’re at the market anyway – they’re next door neighbours! And if you have time, make an effort to go to the Cathedral to peruse… Again, it’s magnificent and well worth the trip.


Do a lap of Shop Street

From there, if the weather is nice, definitely walk up and down shop street. I always so the same lap, the Market to Brown Thomas and back down as far as the Spanish Arch and back up to McCambridges.


Chill outside McCambridges

After ALL of that walking, you’ll have to take a break at McCambridges for a coffee or a tea. Sit outside and people-watch until your heart is content. I love it and I can guarantee you I’m not the only Galwegian that does. It’s just the perfect spot for spotting!

Dinner in The Golf Club

That hectic day will call for a delicious dinner and I cannot recommend the restaurant at Galway Golf Club highly enough. It’s by far my favourite restaurant in Galway. The food is out of this world and the protions are extremely generous. The views from the window are also some of the best you’ll find in Galway. You can see straight across to the Burren and it’s so pleasing on the eyes.


Spin around town or spin out to Spiddal

Then, my families routine is probably a bit odd but we always go for a spin after dinner. We either spin into town and do a lap around Eyre Square and back out through Salthill to home or we take off Westward and spin to Spiddal. Spiddal is fantastic and probably a great place for you to spend your Sunday! But if you don’t have the time a spin out there only takes about 30 mins round trip, and it’s a lovely drive.



I didn’t know where to start with Galway, because there are so many unbelievable eateries and fun things to do, so I started with Saturday! I hope this will help you plan a weekend trip to the city and if you have any questions about it be sure to get on to me and ask me – I only love talking about my favourite place in the world!

A huge thank you to my darling father who I miss terribly. After living in Galway his whole life, he has never lost his love for it and continues to take stunning photographs of it on a daily basis. All of the photos in this post are his because his photos are breathtaking (and because I take Galway for granted and forget to photograph it when I’m home).


You can find me rambling away on Snapchat from New York (IFtravels) or you can catch me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter just as easily. I’m snap-happy at the moment though – if you’re looking for my most regular updates – that’s where they will be!

Winging it,

R x


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